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2022 USA 10,000m Championships Preview

This year's 10,000m men's and women's championships will be held on May 27, as part of the Prefontaine Classic, a Diamond League meet.

What's at stake?

The top 3 in both the men's and women's event will receive an automatic qualifier to this years Track and Field World Championship's held in Oregon, USA, provided they have achieved the world championship standard (27:28.00s for men and 31:25.00s for women).

Where is the race and how can I watch?

The meet will be held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon (same track as World champs later this year) on May 27, 2022 from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. You can stream the meet on

Women's Race: 1. Elise Cranny (30:14.66), 2. Alicia Monson (31:11.11), 3. Karissa Schweizer (30:47.99)

Analysis: Elise Cranny (Nike - Bowerman Track Club) has really found her groove the last few years running an indoor American Record in 5k (14:33) and the second fastest 10k by an American of all time (30:14) which is only 1.5 seconds from the American record set by Molly Huddle. Putting 2 15:07 5k's back to back makes it hard for me to see how someone could take the legs out from Elise in this race as long as the pace is hot. Alicia Monson (On Running - On Athletics Club) is relatively new face on the pro circuit but is certainly making herself known. Winning the Millrose 3k in 8:31 and following with 2nd and 7th at USA indoors and Indoor World Champs respectively show that the work she did on her speed has really paid off. Expect Alicia to be there with 400m to go as her strength has always been her stronger attribute. Speaking of strength Karissa Schweizer will be one to watch, the only other athlete under 31 minutes Karissa can definitely give Elise and Alicia a run for their money. Especially given she has the fastest 5k time of the field (14:26), which is #2 all time for an American, only behind a huge asterisk of Shelby Houlihan's American record. This race is going to be close but we give the nod to Elise and Alicia only because of the recency bias of their results.

Who could mix it up?: Emily Infield (31:08.57), Weini Kelati (31:11.11)

Not to discredit the excellent field of women in the race but we think the race will come down to the 5 above. Emily Infield (Nike - Unaffiliated) and Weini Kelati (Under Armour - Dark Sky Distance) have shown that they have the range to keep the favorites in their sights while also having some serious 1500-3k speed to spice up the last mile or so of the race. If Emily makes a move early she might show the world that leaving Bowerman was the best decision she could of made. Weini has shown she is just as good if not better than Alicia so watch out if she decides to get some revenge for that second place at Millrose.

Men's Race: 1. Grant Fisher (26:33.84 American Record) 2. Joe Klecker (27:23.44), 3. Emmanuel Bor (27:22.80)

Analysis: This is Grant Fisher's (Nike - Bowerman Track Club) race to lose. Coming in over 40 seconds ahead of the field and fresh off an American Record in both the 10k and indoor 5k (12:53) it's hard to see someone taking this title from him. Grant has the speed (3:36 1500m) and obviously the strength that showed earlier this year in the 10k. Joe Klecker (On Running - On Athletics Club) is the hot new thing from On Athletics club and has been running well, recently running a PR of 13:04 in May, this was a race where only Mohamed Mohumed of Germany and Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway beat Joe. This all points to Joe being on somewhat of a hot streak and I expect him to show up on Friday night. The third spot is the most open of the three but Emmanuel Bor (Nike - Army WCAP) continues to string together good races and after running 13:00 indoors this season we would love to see him showcase this fitness with USA team qualifier.

Who could mix it up?: Sean McGorty (27:18.15), Woody Kincaid (27:12.78), Conner Mantz (27:25.23) , Lopez Lomong (27:39.96)

I'll admit some bias here as Sean McGorty (Nike - Bowerman Track Club) raced the Unplugd editor's quite a bit in our Virginia high school days (one of us may have beaten him a couple times given a helpful age gap) but he has consistently been putting some fast times (5k:13:06) down with team Woody Kincaid (Nike - Bowerman Track Club) but Sean especially seems to be struggling to find his event (3k SC: 8:20). It seems crazy that Woody broke 13 minutes (5k:12:58) but is not in the top 3, in another country they would have their pick of events but with the depth of US they both seem to get stuck in 4th-7th best in every event from the 3k to 10k given the day. Don't get me wrong they are both excellent runners at running at their best, just not sure they are on the same hot streak as the three above. Conner Mantz (Nike - Unaffiliated) is in a similar boat as the Bowerman guys above running a strong 5k, 10k and half marathon. If it goes out hard and fast Conner has the strength to hold on with the best of them. Lopez Lomong (Nike - Bowerman Track Club) has been a factor in every championship he has stepped up to from the 800 to 10k so it is hard to discount his experience and he has the times to back it up.

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