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Product Review: Ranch Water

Ranch Water, a hard seltzer competitor, is a refreshing take on the hard seltzer market. With simple natural flavors and only 8 ingredients it can provide a nice refreshing break to your normal drink rotation.

Ranch Water comes from the Lone River Beverage Company which was founded in 2019 by Katie Beal Brown. This is a portable easy alternative to the cocktail it’s based one (see our favorite recipe for the ranch water cocktail here).

I picked up a variety 12 pack and have been sampling the four flavors. My personal favorite so far is the “Spicy” flavor. Flavored with lime juice and jalapeno flavors it is a subtle hit to the senses which when paired with the aggressive bubbles. The other available flavors are Regular which is a lime flavor, Rio Red Grapefruit which has lime and grapefruit and Prickly Pear with lime and Prickly Pear juice (this flavor is only available in the variety pack!). All flavors are accompanied by agave which helps remove any harshness of the flavors but does not add any sweetness to the drinks.

Ranch Water boasts only 80 calories and 4% alcohol. This makes it perfect for a casual easy going drink whether you are at the campsite or on your porch. The ingredients listed are simple:

  • Carbonated water

  • alcohol from sugar

  • key lime juice

  • natural flavor

  • citric acid

  • organic agave nectar

  • salt

While the seltzer itself is not as great as the staff favorite Topo Chico, it is easily one of the best tasting alcoholic seltzers I have had. Many of the mainstream alcoholic seltzer can leave your mouth feeling chemical but Ranch Water does a great job at keeping everything feeling fresh and natural.

Have you tried Ranch Water? How does it hold to your favorite hard seltzer? Let us know in the comments below.

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